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About Pints w/ Pilates

What is Pilates?

Pilates was founded by Joseph Pilates and focuses on correct alignment, control, breathing, flowing movement, and concentration. Its precise movements focus on technique and control over repetition. Pilates believed that the core was the “powerhouse” of the body; thus, there is a focus on the core in every Pilates class. The core encompasses everything from your diaphragm to your abdominals, and your back muscles to your Pelvic Floor.

Pilates classes also build overall body strength, flexibility, and create lean muscle tone. The emphasis is on lengthening the body versus bulking and shortening the body. Through practicing Pilates you can expect overall slimming, increased flexibility, and improved mobility. You may also find that you become more in tune with your body. In terms of mental benefits, you may feel less stressed and more focused. Due to its low-impact nature, Pilates is for everyone across all walks of life. In addition, you can modify exercises to suit your practice. Because of this, it’s difficult to plateau in your practice. Pilates is truly a lifelong fitness regimen.

Meet Your Instructor

Melody is an NASM certified Personal Trainer, certified pre & postnatal exercise specialist, and the founder of her online fitness business Mighty Mama in Pajamas. She strives to make being healthy & fit as simple and to the point as possible! She believes fitness shouldn't be stressful, and is most successful when approached from love & respect for oneself vs. trying to fit into society's image of healthy & fit.



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